• If your Life Points are still lower than your opponent's, you can equip "Megamorph" (remember Megamorph's effect is dependent on Original ATK and Infinity's Original ATK is based on the number of banished Dinosaur-Type monsters).
  • Combo with "Inferno Tempest", but make sure you control this card, have this card in your hand, or have a way of Special Summoning it after it is banished.
  • Combo this card with "Inferno Tempest", "Chaos Zone", "Soul Absorption" and "Grinder Golem" First Activate Chaos Zone and Soul Absorption, then Special Summon Grinder Golem with Inferno Tempest in your hand, Attack Grinder Golem with your "Grinder Golem" tokens and you will be able to Activate Inferno Tempest. Soul Absorption will restore any life points lost, and you are free to abuse "Chaos Zone" with the number of Chaos Counters it now has.

Traditional Format

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