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* This card can be [[searcher|searched]] by "[[Dark Sage]]", "[[Ancient Gear Drill]]", "[[Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch]]", "[[Left Arm Offering]]", "[[Alchemic Magician]]", "[[Spell Calling]]", "[[Quick Booster]]", "[[Mythical Bestiamorph]]", "[[Cyberse Clock Dragon]]" and "[[Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan]]".
* This card is best used in a player's [[Side Deck]].
* This card is ideal for destroying Spell and Trap Cards that stall the enemy.
* This card also works well in a [[Dark World]] Side Deck to get rid of cards like "[[Macro Cosmos]]", and "[[Dimensional Fissure]]".
* This card also works well in [[Lightsworn]], [[Counter Fairy]] and [[Batteryman]] Side Decks to get rid of "[[Light-Imprisoning Mirror]]".
* Use "[[Spell Economics]]" so you don't pay 500 [[Life Points]].
** Use "[[Spell Absorption]]" to negate the cost.
* Use this card to prevent the resolve of your opponent's field spell or to destroy cards like "[[Call of the Haunted]]".
* Paying life points doesn't have to be a bad thing. By lowering your life points you can benefit i.e. from "[[Unstable Evolution]]". You don't have this side effect with a "[[Mystical Space Typhoon]]".
* Can be used as a better version of "[[Mystical Space Typhoon]]" in a deck revolving around the use of "[[Prime Material Dragon]]".

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