("To inflict a huge amount of damage" is kind of a stretch. It's only 700 more damage.)
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* This card can be [[searcher|searched]] by "[[Dark Sage]]", "[[Ancient Gear Drill]]", "[[Alchemic Magician]]", "[[Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch]]", "[[Mythical Bestiamorph]]", "[[Cyberse Clock Dragon]]", "[[Endymion, the Founding Sorcerer Supreme]]" and "[[Left Arm Offering]]".
* Combine this card with "[[Des Wombat]]", "[[Hanewata]]", or "[[Life Stream Dragon]]" so you don't take 500 damage.
* Use "[[Barrel Behind the Door]]" to inflict an extra 500 points of damage to your opponent instead of receiving 500 points of damage.
**Use "[[Dark Room of Nightmare]]" for another damage.
* Use this card when "[[Black-Winged Dragon]]" is on the field to inflict more damage to them(For each "[[Tremendous Fire]]" activated you can deal 700 extra damage).
* Use "[[Spell Absorption]]", "[[Guard Penguin]]" or "[[Damage Mage]]" to neutralize the damage.

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