• In a Graveyard Dragon Power deck, you can use this card's effect to fill your Graveyard with up to seven differently-named "Rokket" monsters during each of your End Phases.
  • Effects that Special Summon monsters during the opponent's turn, such as "Call of the Haunted", "Scapegoat", can be used to trigger this card's effect and wipe the opponent's field.
    • If "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" is Special Summoned with this, it will be destroyed by this card, setting up its second effect and destroying all Spell/Traps on the field during the following turn.
    • This card can be combined with "Black Garden", destroying all monsters in the Main Monster Zones everytime the opponent Summons a monster and a "Rose Token" is Special Summoned.
  • This card can be combined with monsters that replace themselves, such as "Yang Zing" monsters. By Special Summoning them to a Monster Zone this card points to, it is possible to wipe the opponent's field without losing card advantage.
  • This card's effect can potentially backfire to controller if a monster is Special Summoned to its top Link Arrow. This strategy is more effective if the Special Summoned monster's effect can be triggered upon destruction, such as "Zombina", "Dragon Dowser", "Samurai Skull", "Krawler" and "Yang Zing" monsters.
  • If the opponent controls this card in the right Extra Monster Zone (on this card's opponent perspective), "Knightmare Cerberus" can be Link Summoned to the Main Monster Zone it is pointing to, so that it won't be destroyed by this card's effect, since both monsters will be co-linked. This way, it is possible to safely Special Summon a sequence of co-linked "Knightmare" monsters and make this card's effect backfire and affect only its controller's Main Monster Zones.
  • This card can be used in an "Orcust" Deck, in order to disrupt the opponent's moves, by destroying all monsters in their Main Monster Zones during their turn. This can be achieved by using the effect of "Orcust Harp Horror"/"Cymbal Skeleton" during the opponent's turn, thanks to "Orcustrated Babel". Also, linked "Longirus" and "Orcustrion" are immune to this card's effect.

Traditional Format

  • This card can be combined with "Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis". By destroying it each time, it is Special Summoned by its own effect during the End Phase which will gradually drain the opponent's LP and cause it to Special Summon itself, provided there is a Plant monster in the Graveyard to be banished, possibly resulting in an OTK/FTK.
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