• This card works well with "Salvage" to return two copies of this card to the hand and as long as "Toon World" is on the field it can be special summoned immediately. This can be used for multiple (and rarther flexible) combinations with some examples below:
    • Special summon 2 "Toon Mermaids" then sacrifice them for stronger Toon monsters such as 2 "Toon Summoned Skulls" or a "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon" and recycle them using "Salvage".
      • With two "Toon Summoned Skulls" and 2 "Toon Mermaids" you can inflict 7300 damage during your next turn's battle phase then in your Main Phase 2 you can use your "Toon Mermaids" as Xyz material for "Gagaga Cowboy" to deal 800 damage.

Traditional Format

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