• This card fulfills half of the requirement for the Fusion Summon of "Evil HERO Malicious Fiend". It can be Normal Summoned by Tributing "Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy" and its effect will be triggered once it is used as Fusion Material after being Tribute Summoned.
  • In a "Hieratic" Deck, this card can be Normal Summoned by Tributing a "Hieratic" monster; that monster's effect will be triggered, Special Summoning a Normal Dragon monster from the Deck. Both that monster and this card can be used as Link or Synchro Material, or to Special Summon "Ultimaya Tzolkin", triggering this card's effect in the process.
  • In a card using Ritual Monsters, this card can be Normal Summoned after Special Summoning "Impcantation Talismandra" and "Impcantation Candoll", and then Tributed for a Ritual Summon to gain 2 draws.

Traditional Format

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