• Since this card's monster banishing effect does not inherently bring them back, one can have this card leave the field (preferably by returning it to the Extra Deck through the usage of cards like "De-Synchro") to get rid of every one of your opponent's monster.
  • Since "Vulgate" summons the monsters back rather than merely return them, enemy Nomi monsters cannot come back regardless.
  • Finally, you can disrupt your opponent's Link Arrows and the monsters they point to by summoning them back in your choice of Main Monster Zones.
  • During the Main Phase 2, after this card battles, you can summon Necroface to send the opponents monsters back to the deck.
  • This card works well in a Malefic Deck, since Malefic Parallel Gear provides an easy summon and this cards effect allows for direct attacks with high ATK monsters.
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