• Since destroying and inflicting damage is considered to occur simultaneously, this card can be used to destroy a face-up "Yubel" or "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" on your side of the field and get its next stage on the field.
  • This is a good way to get rid of troublesome monsters that are Summoned on your side of the field such as "Lava Golem" or "Ojama Trio" Tokens.
  • In some rare cases, you can use this card to unclog your Monster Card Zones. This would usually be helpful against a stall Deck, which specializes in playing cards, such as "Gravity Bind" or "Marshmallon", that render certain monsters useless. Clearing your own zones would make room for more useful monsters in these situations.
  • You can use this card's effect to deal effect damage to your opponent, and Special Summon a "Meklord" to your side of the field.
  • You can use this card in combination with "Backfire" in a FIRE/Burn Deck to pull of some massive damage.
  • This card works very well in a "Fire King" Deck.
  • It work also with Pendulum Monsters, because after destroying then, you can Pendulum Summon then back to keep the monster in field after cause damage.
  • Control a Face-up WATER Monster before you activated this card to also activated "Torrential Reborn" to Special Summon the monsters destroyed and sent from the field to your Graveyard at that time, then inflict 500 damage to your opponent for each of those Special Summoned monsters
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