• "Fragrance Storm" can be used to destroy one of your own Plant-Type monsters, and draw at least one card in the process.
  • This card works well with "Black Garden", as it constantly gives out "Rose Tokens", which are Plant-Type monsters.
  • "Sinister Seeds" along with "Dandylion" can be used to produce many Plant-Type Tokens. When they are destroyed the controller gains Flower Counters fast and easy. With 2 or more "The World Tree" in play and "DNA Surgery" set to Plant-Type or "Ivy Shackles", a player can remove 2 Counters from 1 "The World Tree" and destroy an opponent's monster and receive another Flower Counter. Which means if they start with an odd number of Flower Counters, they can keep destroying monsters almost freely.
  • Multiple "Cactus Fighters" can be used to continually generate and destroy the Plant-Type Tokens that they give to the opponent when they destroy monsters in battle.
  • This card, along with "Dandylion", can be used to constantly stall your opponents for up to 3 attacks. Simply set "Dandylion" and activate this card. When "Dandylion" is destroyed, one Counter is added, then when the other two Tokens are destroyed, 2 more Counters are added. Use those three Tokens to revive a "Dandylion" from your Graveyard and repeat the process.
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