• "Dragunity Tribus" can search and grave this card from the Deck upon Normal or Special Summon.
  • There is a possible OTK strategy using this card involving these cards; "The Cheerful Coffin", "Montage Dragon" and "Dragon's Mirror". Send three "The White Stones of Legends" to the Graveyard to place three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" into your hand. Then, use them to Special Summon a "Montage Dragon" with 7200 ATK. Then use "Dragon's Mirror" to fuse the three "Blue-Eyes" in the Graveyard for "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" or "Five-Headed Dragon", totaling 11700 or 12200 ATK power, respectively.
  • This card is perfect to discard for the effects of "Prime Material Dragon" and "Vanguard of the Dragon". That way a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" can either be Summoned or discarded again for the cost of "Prime Material Dragon" and "Vanguard of the Dragon".
  • If "Foolish Burial" is used on this card while a "King Dragun" is on your field, a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" can be Special Summoned from your hand and "King Dragun" will protect your "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from card effects while "King Dragun" is on the field.
  • Since this card is a Level 1 Tuner monster, this opens up the opportunity of using this card with a Level 3 monster like "Twin-Headed Behemoth", "Masked Dragon" or "Kaibaman" to Synchro Summon "Armory Arm", which, if "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is Summoned during the same turn, that "Armory Arm" can be equipped into "Blue-Eyes" for extra attack power.
  • Instead of using three of this card to get three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons", a single "The White Stone of Legend" can be reused with "Genesis Dragon" or "Divine Dragon Apocralyph", even to get all 3.
  • Discard this card for "Cards of Consonance" to draw 2 cards, then add a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to your hand with the effect of "The White Stone of Legend". If "Trade-In" is also in your hand, that same "Blue-Eyes" can be discarded to draw 2 more cards.
  • Special Summon this card with "Kinka-byo" to Synchro Summon "Formula Synchron". A "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" can then be added to your hand and get to draw a card. This could give yourself a massive hand advantage if "Cards of Consonance" and "Trade-In" is used as extra draw force.
  • This card works with "Creature Swap" the same way as "Masked Dragon"; use "Creature Swap" to trade monsters with your opponent, gaining a monster that can destroy it, giving your opponent one less monster and yourself a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to your hand.

Traditional Format

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