• Because this card doesn't specify where the card(s) must be added from in order for its effect to activate, and it doesn't have to be during specific phase or action like searching, this card can be used for many scenarios.
    • Using it during your Draw Phase to banish a card you don't want to draw with a new one. Alternatively, you can even use it to get rid of a specific card that you already know beforehand (such as those using "Stardust Charge Warrior" - "Oracle of Zefra" combo).
    • Use "Compulsory Evacuation Device" or similar cards to return an opponent's monster to their hand, then banish it with this card (This doesn't work with "The Weather Thundery Canvas", however, since this effect cannot be activated in the Damage Step).
    • You can even force your opponent to add a specific Limited card from their Deck to their hand with cards like "Dark Designator", then use this card to get rid of it.
    • You can combo this card with "The Weather Rainy Canvas", as when Spell/Trap cards are returned to the hand, they can subsequently be banished using this card
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