• You can discard "Ojamagic" to ease the cost.
  • Since discarding a card for its effect Special Summons it, you can use it as Tribute fodder for cards like "Jinzo" or the "Monarchs".
    • If you have "Advance Force" on the field, this card can be used to Tribute Summon Level 7 or higher monsters that cannot be Special Summoned, such as "Light and Darkness Dragon", in a single turn.
  • Discard "Destiny HERO- Malicious", then Normal Summon "Deep Sea Diva" and Special Summon another copy of it. You can now summon a level 7 and a level 8 Synchro Monster.
  • You can use any monster other than "Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy" since it doesn't take up your Normal Summon for the turn to summon "Destiny HERO - Dogma" or "Destiny HERO - Plasma".
  • You can either Special Summon this card or "Cyber Dragon" and then Normal Summon "Dark Resonator" or another Level 3 Tuner for a Synchro Summon for cards like "Stardust Dragon", "Colossal Fighter", "Red Dragon Archfiend", "Thought Ruler Archfiend", etc.
  • This card helps you swarm while discarding monsters for decks that rely on no hand, using cards like "Cybernetic Cyclopean" or "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight". Throw in a "Cyber Dragon", Summon this card, and play one of those 2 mentioned, and you have Summoned 3 monsters with over 2000 attack (if you emptied your hand for "Cybernetic Cyclopean") in 1 turn.
  • This card works well in a "Fabled" Deck.
  • Discard monsters that Special Summon themselves over and over again, such as "Treeborn Frog" and "Level Eater". By doing so, you can get this monster on the field and have renewable tribute monsters ready for when you need them.
  • Discard "Yubel" for the Special Summon cost and you can use "Monster Reborn" later on to return it to the field.
  • Once this card is Special Summoned, tribute it for "Great Maju Garzett" to quickly get out a 4000 ATK monster.
  • Use with "Advance Force" to Summon a Level 7 or higher monster in one turn.
  • This card, "Creation Resonator", "Junk Synchron", and any level 1 tuner can allow you to easily Summon "Red Nova Dragon". Discard the level 1 Tuner to Special Summon this card. Then activate "Junk Synchron" and use its ability to revive the level 1 Tuner. Tune "Junk Synchron" with this card to Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend". Finally, Summon "Creation Resonator" with its ability and tune it and the level 1 tuner with "Archfiend" to Summon "Red Nova Dragon".
  • You can discard an EARTH monster for "Gigantes" and Special Summon it and tribute them for a monster that needs 2 tributes like "Dark Magician".
  • If you have "Cyber Dragon" and this card out on the field, you can overlay them to Summon a Rank 5 Xyz Monster, since both this card and "Cyber Dragon" have relatively easy summoning conditions due to their effects. Alternatively, both this card and "Cyber Dragon" can also be used to Special Summon "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", as both cards have 2000 or more ATK.
  • This card, when combined with "Tricky Spell 4", can be very useful in an "Egyptian God" deck, because it can allow you to quickly gain the tributes needed for those cards.
    • Even more so if your opponent's field is full and you summon "Obelisk The Tormentor" so its effect can be used.
  • Discard any of the "Gogogo" monsters (save for "Gogogo Giant") to fulfill the cost to set them up for swarming the field from the Graveyard later on in the Duel.

Traditional Format

  • This cards also works well with cards that get their effects in your Graveyard, such as "Makyura the Destructor".
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