• While having another Six Samurai on your side of the field, you can activate "Waboku" to easily destroy strong monsters, like "Five-Headed Dragon", without losing "Zanji" or taking any Battle Damage.
    • In addition to above, equipping "Zanji" with "Mist Body" helps out if you're in a dire situation for later, so you can have the chance to bring out another Samurai.
  • This card's effect is very useful against opponents who use indestructible monsters, such as "Marshmallon", "Gellenduo", "Spirit Reaper" or Cloudian monsters. Since Gladiator Beast users also rely heavily upon cards that prevent their monsters from being destroyed by battle, this card is also a good counter against most of them.
  • Discarding "Shien's Squire" will keep "Zanji" on the field, allowing his effect to activate.
  • After placing "Mist Body" on this card, activate "Spirit Barrier" so you won't take any battle damage.
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