• This card can be useful on general decks of Fiend-Type monsters,like the Infernoids, the Fableds, Evil Heroes and so forth
  • Use monsters like "Sangan" or "Scarr, Scout of Dark World" to search for "Dark World" monsters. Then, banish any cards mentioned above for the effect of this card.
    • In addition, Fiend-Type "Fabled" monsters can also use this with similar methods. For example, discard "Fabled Grimro" and search for a "Fabled" monster from your Deck. Then banish "Fabled Grimro" to discard the added monster to draw a card and activate the effect of the discarded monster, like "Fabled Krus".
  • Since all Steelswarm monsters are Fiends, this card can give the deck some easy draw power.
  • This card can combo with "Dark Armed Dragon", as it gives capabilities of controlling Graveyard to fulfill the condition to summon "Dark Armed Dragon" as long as you have non-DARK Fiends, along with triggering "Dark World" monsters effect and maintaining strong hand advantages.
  • To further abuse this effect cards like "Necroface" and "Doomsday Horror" could be used to restock the Graveyard and Deck.
    • You can also use "Trance Archfiend" to return 1 of your banished monsters to your hand.
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