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* This card can be [[searcher|searched]] by "[[Dark Sage]]", "[[Ancient Gear Drill]]" and "[[Alchemic Magician]]".
* This card can be [[searcher|searched]] by "[[Dark Sage]]", "[[Ancient Gear Drill]]", "[[Alchemic Magician]]", "[[Left Arm Offering]]" and "[[Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch]]"
* Use "[[Elemental HERO Prisma]]" to send "[[Dark Magician]]" or "[[Dark Magician Girl]]" from your [[Deck]] to your [[Graveyard]] so it will gain their name.
* Use "[[Elemental HERO Prisma]]" to send "[[Dark Magician]]" or "[[Dark Magician Girl]]" from your [[Main Deck|Deck]] to your [[Graveyard]] so it will gain their name.
** This tactic is especially useful for Summoning "[[Amulet Dragon]]," as it loads the Graveyard with a "Dark Magician" that "Amulet Dragon" can Special Summon in case of its destruction.
* It is important to note that you cannot target a "[[Skilled Dark Magician]]" with this card's effect, as its kanji indicates it isn't an actual "Dark Magician" monster.
* Although this card was designed for "Amulet Dragon" and "[[Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight]]", it can also be used to easily Summon "[[Dark Flare Knight]]" (and by extension "[[Mirage Knight]]") or "[[Dark Paladin]]" with only one [[Fusion Material]].
** "[[Dark Magician the Dragon Knight]]" was later designed to utilise this card for its Summon, shown by having Timaeus on its card art.
== Lists ==
* List of [[Fusion Monster]]s requiring a "[[Dark Magician (archetype)|Dark Magician]]" monster as a [[Fusion Material Monster]]:
* [[Fusion Monster]]s that list a "[[Dark Magician (archetype)|Dark Magician]]" monster as Fusion Material and can be Fusion Summoned via this card's effect:
{{#ask: [[Class 1::Official]] [[Card type::Fusion Monster]] [[Materials::~*Dark Magician*]] |?Japanese name |?Attribute |?Level |?Type |?ATK |?DEF}}
{{card query|[[Primary type::Fusion Monster]] [[Materials::~*Dark Magician*]]|medium=official|extra_column=Materials}}

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 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEFMaterials
Amulet Dragon呪符竜DARKDragon829002500"Dark Magician" + 1 Dragon monster
Dark Cavalry超魔導騎士-ブラック・キャバルリーDARKSpellcaster828002300"Dark Magician" + 1 Warrior monster
Dark Flare Knight黒炎の騎士-ブラック・フレア・ナイト-DARKWarrior62200800"Dark Magician" + "Flame Swordsman"
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight竜騎士ブラック・マジシャン・ガールDARKDragon726001700"Dark Magician Girl" + 1 Dragon monster
Dark Magician the Dragon Knight竜騎士ブラック・マジシャンDARKDragon830002500"Dark Magician" + 1 Dragon monster
The Dark Magicians超魔導師-ブラック・マジシャンズDARKSpellcaster828002300"Dark Magician" or "Dark Magician Girl" + 1 Spellcaster monster
Dark Paladin超魔導剣士-ブラック・パラディンDARKSpellcaster829002400"Dark Magician" + "Buster Blader"
Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon超魔導竜騎士-ドラグーン・オブ・レッドアイズDARKSpellcaster830002500"Dark Magician" + "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" or 1 Dragon Effect Monster
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