• This card can be useful in a "Shiranui" deck due to it's Special Summoning requirements
  • You can use "Evil Thorn" to to instantly fulfill this card's summoning requirements.
    • You can also use "Dandylion" as the tokens are not being Tributed.
  • Use "Giant Germ" or "Nimble Momonga" to Special Summon out the other two from your deck, then banish the two on your field and the one in your Graveyard to summon this card.
  • Use effect monsters that Special Summon a monster when they are summoned to quickly fulfill the cost required to summon this card. For instance, Normal Summon "Debris Dragon" or "Junk Synchron" to Special Summon a monster from your Graveyard, then banish the two monsters (and another one from your Graveyard) to Special Summon "The Atmosphere".
  • "Grinder Golem" works very well with this card. Special Summon it to your opponent's side of the field with its effect, and then use the two "Grinder Tokens" that are Special Summoned as a result as your two monsters to banish from the field in order to Special Summon this card. All you need then is a third monster in your Graveyard. Then, you can use this card's effect to equip "Grinder Golem" to it, and increase its ATK by 3000 for a potential direct attack of 4000 damage.
  • You can use this card in conjunction with "Release Restraint Wave" to destroy all Spell and Trap cards your opponent control and eliminate 2 monsters you opponent controls.
  • You can use Lava Golem to get rid of two of your opponent's monsters and then summon "The Atmosphere" and use its effect.
  • "Scapegoat" can help to Special Summon this card quickly.

Traditional Format

  • Use this monster's Summoning Condition to banish three "Dragon Ruler" monsters with different names in order to trigger their effects at once.
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