• Assuming you can use this card's first effect, you need at least double the amount of life points in order to win with one copy of this card.
  • This card is useful when used with "The Agent of Force - Mars" since both cards require the same Field Spell, and both depend on you having more Life Points than your opponent.
  • You can combine this card with "The Creator" to continuously bring it back to deal more damage.
  • Another good form to deal damage is using "Athena". After you've used this card's effect, use "Athena's" to Special Summon it back and reuse it's effect.
  • If you and your opponent have same life points - I.E. 8000 points, and they activate "Solemn Judgment", use this card for an OTK.
    • Any other time your opponent's Life Points are exactly half or less your own, this card will cause a win.
  • This card creates an extremely powerful combo with "The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter" if you use "Jupiter's" effect to banish it, and then re-summon it with "Jupiter's" other effect, discarding a monster in the process. Then, Use "Saturn's" effect to inflict damage. You can repeat this process as long as you still have a LIGHT Fairy-type monster in your hand to discard.

Traditional Format

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