• This card is very useful in increasing the chances of drawing a certain Field Spell Card, or serve as "replacement" copies of the Field Spell Card if the player doesn't have 3 copies.
  • Instead of having 3 of the same Field Spell Cards in your Deck, two copies of the Field Spell and "Terraforming" can be used. There will still be the same chance of drawing one of the 3 cards, but it will thin your Deck quicker and there will be less likely to waste a draw on a Field Spell if there already one (unless both of your Field Spells are drawn before drawing "Terraforming").
  • It is ideal to have at least 2 copies of a Field Spell Card, to minimize the chance of drawing all copies of the Field Spell before "Terraforming".
    • Generally, "Terraforming" should not outnumber your Field Spell Cards that are searched. Ideally, more of the Field Spell in question is wanted than "Terraforming", as that decreases the overall risk of drawing all Field Spells and rendering "Terraforming" a dead draw.
    • Alternatively, "Hidden Spellbook" can be used to return the Field Spell Cards to the Deck, so "Terraforming" can continue to be utilized.
    • It would also be good idea to include this card only if there are at least 3 copies of a Field Spell Card. Running less than 3 Field Spells and still including this card just gives more unnecessary advantage to your opponent by letting them what it is adding to your hand instead of just normally drawing them.
  • "Metaverse" and "Demise of the Land" can be used along this card if more Field Spell searchers are needed.
    • If your Deck uses 2 or more different Field Spell Cards, run one of each Field Spell and multiple copies of searchers like "Terraforming", "Metaverse" and "Demise of the Land". That way, there is a better control which Field Spell was used at any given time without clogging up your Deck with too many Field Spells.
  • If all of your Field Spell Cards are drawn, this card can be Set as a bluff or use it to pay a cost (such as for "Summoner Monk").
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