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* [[Fish]] deck
* [[Fish]] deck
* Draw 2 cards when you Synchro Summon [[Formula Synchron]].
* Draw 2 cards when you Synchro Summon [[Formula Synchron]]; one for the effect of "[[Formula Synchron]]" and one for "[[Tech Genus Hyper Librarian]]"'s effect.

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  • Summon this card first in a Yusei-themed or Fabled Deck, both of which can easily swarm the field with Synchro Monsters.
  • Try to Synchro Summon this card repeatedly so each successive Synchro Summon gives you bigger Draws. If you summon all 3 copies of this card in one turn, you get 3 cards total (1 when you summon the 2nd copy and 1 each from the first two when the 3rd is summoned) plus 3 cards for each subsequent Synchro Summon from either player .
  • This card allows you to draw 3 when paired with Fabled Ragin.
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