• Use this card's effect to send "Treeborn Frog" to the graveyard. Then next turn after "Treeborn Frog" is Special Summoned, use the effect of "Swap Frog" to return "Treeborn" and get a second Normal Summon.
    • You can also send "Ronintoadin" to the graveyard and use its effect later in the game.
  • After using "Junk Synchron" to return a level 2 or lower "Frog" monster to the field, you can use "Swap Frog" to return it to your hand, then Normal Summon it for it to regain its Effect
  • If you have a face-up "Poison Draw Frog" or "Dupe Frog", you can send it to the Graveyard using this card's effect when it is summoned in order to activate their effects.
  • You can use "Salvage" to recover the monster used to Special Summon "Swap Frog" and the other monster you sent from the Deck/Field to the Graveyard by the second effect of "Swap Frog".
    • See Traditional Format section for more ideas with this.
  • You can use "Swap Frog to return any "Monarch" to your hand and use its effect again.
    • You can combine this with "Treeborn Frog" and "Dupe Frog" to have one Tribute each turn and prevent attacks from your opponent.
  • Discard "Ronintoadin" to summon this card, then send a Frog to the grave with its effect, or vice-versa. Then, banish the Frog to Special Summon "Ronintoadin" and get 2 monsters on your side of the field without using your Normal Summon for the turn.
  • You can always re-use the effect of "Swap Frog" to summon himself and bounce himself back as long as you can pay his cost to discard a WATER-Attribute monster.
  • When combining this card with "Ultimate Offering", "By Order of the Emperor" and "Solemn Wishes" you can draw infinite cards by summoning it, negating it's effect and drawing a card, gain Life Points, returning it to the hand and then pay the cost to summon it again, negating it's effect and so on.

Traditional Format

  • Use the "Salvage" combo above to send a "Substitoad" from you deck to the graveyard. Then, use "Salvage" to add "Substitoad" and the monster used to Special Summon "Swap Frog" to you hand. Then you can summon "Substitoad" and use it's effect to tribute for any frog from your deck. (Most likely a defense position "Dupe Frog")
    • You can use this same combo to summon 3 "Des Frogs". First use the above combo to summon a "Substitoad" and "Swap Frog". Then use the effect of "Substitoad" to summon another "Swap Frog" by tributing the first "Swap Frog" and using its effect, send a "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." to the Graveyard. The do the same again by summoning another "Swap Frog". Then use the effect of "Substitoad" to tribute itself and summon a "Des Frog" from your deck. Then use "Swap Frog's" effect to return "Des Frog" to your hand. Then Tribute "Swap Frog" to tribute summon "Des Frog" for "Swap Frog's" effect. Then, since there are 2 "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s" in the graveyard, you can summon 2 more "Des Frogs" from your deck.


  • Level 2 or lower Aqua-Type WATER monsters:
 Japanese namePrimary typeLevelATKDEF
AmebaアメーバEffect Monster1300350
Aquaactress Guppyアクアアクトレス・グッピーEffect Monster2600600
Aquaactress Tetraアクアアクトレス・テトラEffect Monster1300300
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier氷結界の番人ブリズドEffect Monster1300500
Cannonball Spear Shellfish砲弾ヤリ貝Effect Monster210001000
Centerfrog寝ガエルEffect Monster21002000
Change Slimeチェンジ・スライムNormal Monster1400300
Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier氷結界の術者Effect Monster213000
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier氷結界の水影Effect Monster21200800
Dupe Frog魔知ガエルEffect Monster21002000
Flip Flop Frog裏ガエルEffect Monster2500200
Gishki Relieverリチュア・キラーEffect Monster2500800
Gishki Vanityリチュア・ヴァニティEffect Monster21000800
Graydle Slime Jr.グレイドル・スライムJr.Effect Monster202000
HitodenchakヒトデンチャクNormal Monster2600700
The Melting Red Shadowとろける赤き影Normal Monster2500700
OoguchiラージマウスEffect Monster1300250
Oppressed People弾圧される民Normal Monster14002000
Penguin Soldierペンギン・ソルジャーEffect Monster2750500
Performapal GuitartleEMギタートルPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal Turn ToadEMヒックリカエルPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Poison Draw Frog引きガエルEffect Monster2100100
Prank-Kids Dropsiesプランキッズ・ドロップEffect Monster210001000
Prior of the Ice Barrier氷結界の伝道師Effect Monster21000400
Psychic Kappaサイコ・カッパーNormal Monster24001000
Puny Penguin子型ペンギンEffect Monster1400200
Ronintoadin粋カエルEffect Monster21002000
Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier氷結界の御庭番Effect Monster21001600
Slime ToadカエルスライムNormal Monster2700500
SlushyフラッピィEffect Monster200
Squirt Squid隅烏賊Effect Monster201800
Star Boyスター・ボーイEffect Monster2550500
Submarine Frog未知ガエルEffect Monster21200600
SubstitoadイレカエルEffect Monster11002000
Swap Frog鬼ガエルEffect Monster21000500
T.A.D.P.O.L.E.悪魂邪苦止Effect Monster100
Testudo erat Numenかつて神と呼ばれた亀Effect Monster101800
TradetoadサシカエルEffect Monster11002000
Treeborn Frog黄泉ガエルEffect Monster1100100
Turu-PurunツルプルンNormal Monster2450500
Unifrog貫ガエルEffect Monster2400400
Water Spiritウォーター・スピリットNormal Monster14001200
Wind-Up SnailゼンマイマイEffect Monster21002000
ZarigunザリガンNormal Monster2600700
Zone Eaterゾーン・イーターEffect Monster1250200
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