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  • This card works very well in a "Reptilianne" Deck - this card's effect and that of "Reptiliannes" can reduce a monster to 0 ATK, then attacking that monster will decrease another monster's ATK even further.
  • In a "Dark Scorpion" Deck, this can help make up for the usually low attack of the monsters in the archetype.
  • Combo this with "Infected Mail" to fully reduce some opponent monster ATK.
  • Combine this card with a direct attacker such as "Spell Striker" in order to deal damage past a strong offensive wall and lower its attack for this card for destroy it.
  • This card is great for the "Watt" archetype due to the large amount of monsters that attack directly. Each turn you will deal 1000 or more damage while also reducing your opponent's monster's attack to destroy it with this card.

Traditional Format