• Increase "Evil HERO Inferno Wing's" ATK with this card's second effect in addition to discarding "Elemental HERO Honest Neos", you can raise "Inferno Wing's" ATK up to over 6000 ATK. When it destroys the opponent's monster, it will deal even more damage with its effect, enabling a potential One Turn Kill.
  • You can send "Evil HERO Sinister Necrom" with this card's second effect to the GY to banish it later by its own effect in order to Special Summon 1 "Evil HERO" from your hand or Deck.


  • Fusion Monsters that specifically require "Dark Fusion" to be Special Summoned, but can substitute other card effects for it in order to be Fusion Summoned:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Evil HERO Dark GaiaE-HERO ダーク・ガイアEARTHFiend8?0
Evil HERO Infernal SniperE-HERO ヘル・スナイパーFIREFiend620002500
Evil HERO Inferno WingE-HERO インフェルノ・ウィングFIREFiend621001200
Evil HERO Lightning GolemE-HERO ライトニング・ゴーレムLIGHTFiend624001500
Evil HERO Malicious BaneE-HERO マリシャス・ベインDARKFiend830003000
Evil HERO Malicious FiendE-HERO マリシャス・デビルFIREFiend835002100
Evil HERO Wild CycloneE-HERO ワイルド・サイクロンEARTHFiend819002300

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Evil HERO Wild CycloneE-HERO ワイルド・サイクロンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Malicious BaneE-HERO マリシャス・ベインFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Malicious FiendE-HERO マリシャス・デビルFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Dark GaiaE-HERO ダーク・ガイアFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Malicious EdgeE-HERO マリシャス・エッジEffect MonsterEARTHFiend726001800
Evil HERO Infernal SniperE-HERO ヘル・スナイパーFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Inferno WingE-HERO インフェルノ・ウィングFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Lightning GolemE-HERO ライトニング・ゴーレムFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Sinister NecromE-HERO シニスター・ネクロムEffect MonsterDARKFiend516001800
Evil HERO Infernal GainerE-HERO ヘル・ゲイナーEffect MonsterEARTHFiend416000
... further results (2 more)

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