• "Black Garden" can help out this card. Not only will "Black Garden" make this card virtually impossible to destroy by battle, but if Summoned under "Black Garden", this card becomes a target for "Machine Duplication".
    • Alternatively, target this card with "Shrink", allowing "Machine Duplication" to be used.
  • When a "Superheavy Samurai" monster attack while in Defense Position and your opponent activates "Magic Cylinder", the damage taken equal to the ATK of the monster. Therefore when attacking with "Big Benkei", 1000 damage will be taken and not 3500 damage (assuming no buffs/debuffs have been applied.
  • Summon this card from the Deck during the Battle Phase using "Giant Rat", "UFOroid" or "Machina Armored Unit". If necessary, change its battle position to defense with its effect. There is now a 3500 beatstick that can attack immediately. A "Gadget" monster or "Machina Gearframe" would be excellent choices for use with "Machina Armored Unit" as they also add a card to hand when Summoned, so they are "floaters", and their loss in battle is not a problem.

Traditional Format

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