• This card is massively useful in a deck that focuses mostly on Gemini monsters. Summon "Goggle Golem" and you will instantly have a 2100 ATK monster, have instant creature destruction with "Future Samurai", or use "Blazewing Butterfly's" effect instantly without having to perform a second summon of it.
  • If you Special Summon "Duck Dummy" to your opponent's field with "Give and Take" while you also control this card, "Duck Dummyr" will gain its effects, allowing you to attack directly.
  • You can use "Super Polymerization" to summon this card, also you can fuse your opponents Gemini monsters (if they control any) or you can fuse your Gemini monsters with theirs.
  • A good combo is to use "Polymerization" to dump 2 "Gigaplants" into the Graveyard to summon this card, then summon "Blazewing Butterfly" and tribute it to revive "Gigaplant". Then use "Gigaplant's" effect to summon the second "Gigaplant". Use the second "Gigaplant" to revive "Blazewing Butterfly".
  • As this monster lacks offensive presence due to its low attack for a Level 8 monster, you can use "Dragon Shield" to protect it.

Traditional Format

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