• In a Dragon Deck, this card can be extremely useful, if used properly.
    • "Card Destruction" can be used in conjunction with this card, if you discarded any Dragons from your hand.
    • "Into the Void's" discard effect will be circumvented by this card.
    • This card can offset card effects that require discarding (either as a cost or as part of their effect). If used while you also control a face-up "Forced Requisition", this can cause a drastic change in Hand/Card Advantage.
    • You can use this in a Virus Dragon Deck to replenish your hand, since the Viruses require you to Tribute a DARK monster to be activated.
    • Use the effect of "Spirit Ryu" in tandem with this card, and you can refresh your hand easily.
    • "The Dragon's Bead", if used alongside this card, can aid you in evading Trap Cards that target your Dragons, while also enabling you to draw cards.
    • Combining "Dragonic Tactics" can allow you to draw 2 cards.
    • If you run "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" in your Deck, this card can enable you to draw 1 card whenever you discard a Dragon for its effect.
    • Discard 2 Dragons for "Magical Stone Excavation" to recycle this card. In doing so, you can draw up to 4 cards.
    • You can discard 2 Dragons for "Boogie Trap", letting you set an important Trap from your Graveyard, with the added benefit of being able to activate it that same turn.
  • Since this card is a Quick-Play Spell Card, if you draw another copy during the End Phase with this card's own effect, you can immediately activate it to double the number of cards you draw(OCG only).
  • After using this card during your turn, return it to the top of your Deck with "A Feather of the Phoenix". During your End Phase, you can activate it again to double the number of cards you draw.
  • This card combos well in a "Hieratic" Deck. "Hieratic" monsters will often be Tributing several times per turn, so this card can allow you to draw two or three cards with a productive turn, possibly even more. It also helps alleviate bad and/or small hands, one of the main weaknesses of a "Hieratic" Deck.
  • Use the effect of "Cannon Soldier" to Tribute any number of Dragon monsters to help you draw more cards.
  • If you anticipate drawing many cards with with this card's effect, "Infinite Cards" can be used to keep all of them (you won't have an opportunity to otherwise Summon or Set them, since this card's effect activates during your own End Phase).
  • Use the side-effect of Special Summoning "Tyrant Dragon" to your advantage by playing this card beforehand and drawing at least 1 card afterwards.
  • Use with the discard effect of any "Dragon Ruler" for a minimum +1 in card advantage. Given how well "Dragon Rulers" can search more "Dragon Rulers" (often through these very discard effects), you can likely pull off at least two discard effects, for a minimum +3.
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