Traditional Format

  • Use this card with "Scapegoat" to summon up to 5 Frog monsters from your deck ("Substitoad" can be Tributed for its own effect).
  • An alternative to the above strategy, is using "Grinder Golem" as a re-useable token generator. Special Summon "Grinder Golem" in defense. If you have any "Flip Flop Frog" on the field, activate its effect to flip face-down, then Flip Summon it to return "Grinder Golem" back to your hand. Repeat as needed. (Since summoning the two tokens is not optional, this will probably only be used once per turn unless you use "Mass Driver" or "Cannon Soldier".)
  • If you have 3 tokens left and "Slifer the Sky Dragon" in your hand, use them to Special Summon three copies of "Poison Draw Frog" to use. The trio serves as a double-edged sword, because they will not only be tribute fodder, but their effects will cause "Slifer" to have at least 3000 ATK and DEF when you summon him, due to their effects.
  • The four Scapegoat Tokens can each be tributes to summon several copies of "Treeborn Frog" and "Poison Draw Frog", which can be used to Xyz Summon "Number 13: Embodiment of Crime" and "Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment". It would help if you had "An Unfortunate Report" Set, because you can force the opponent into attacking twice, which may result in an OTK if your opponent is using a Beatstick deck.
  • Such a move can be pulled off in a Frog/Dragon deck. Use "Dragon's Mirror" to banish five Dragon-type Monsters from your Graveyard and summon "Five-Headed Dragon" before giving it to your opponent with "Mystic Box"(Assuming you don't control a monster other than "Substitoad", "Crime" and "Punishment"). Attack it with "Crime" and "Punishment" for a whopping 9000 Battle Damage.
  • Use this effect to summon "Treeborn Frog"; then, activate the effect again, so you will have "Treeborn Frog" in your Graveyard to Special Summon it to summon more Frog monsters.
  • This card can very easily summon "Des Frog".
  • When using "Substitoad", as long as you have a "Dupe Frog" on the field, your opponents will not be able to destroy either of them by battle, thanks to "Dupe Frog's" effect. If you leave "Dupe Frog" in Defense Position (with a card like "Spirit Barrier" to prevent Piercing), then your opponents can't touch your Life Points through battle. Using this strategy, team it up with "Unifrogs" to constantly attack your opponent without worry of them being attacked themselves.
  • Use this card with "One for One" to Special Summon "Substitoad". Normal summon another monster to the field and use "Substitoad's" effect to search out "Dupe Frog", then your opponent can't touch your Life Points.
  • If you have another monster on your side of the field, you can also summon this card and tribute said other monster and this card to summon two "Dupe Frog", to make your opponent unable to attack at all.
  • Special Summon this with "Kinka-byo" then activate "Substitoad's" effect by tributing itself. Because "Kinka-byo" returns to the hand during your End Phase, you can potentially do this once every turn.
  • If you have "Pot of Avarice" you can get an easy 2 card draw by repeatedly tributing the same monster until you have at least 5 monsters in the Graveyard, then use "Pot of Avarice" to return them to the deck and draw 2 cards.
  • Use "Soul Exchange" to tribute your opponent's monster instead of your own then you get to run through the engine as soon as your first turn without having to tribute "Substitoad" for his own cost or do any extra special summoning.
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