• Use this card with "Battle Tuned" to gain an ATK boost and inflict major Life Point damage. You can potentially create an OTK by removing from play an "Emissary from Pandemonium" to activate "Battle Tuned".


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Barrier Resonatorバリア・リゾネーターEffect MonsterLIGHT1300800
Chain Resonatorチェーン・リゾネーターEffect MonsterLIGHT1100100
Clock Resonatorクロック・リゾネーターEffect MonsterEARTH31200600
Creation Resonatorクリエイト・リゾネーターEffect MonsterWIND3800600
Crimson Resonatorクリムゾン・リゾネーターEffect MonsterDARK2800300
D/D GhostDDゴーストEffect MonsterDARK2600300
D/D LamiaDDラミアEffect MonsterDARK11001900
D/D NighthowlDDナイト・ハウリングEffect MonsterDARK3300600
D/D OrthrosDDオルトロスPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Resonatorダーク・リゾネーターEffect MonsterDARK31300300
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