• During your opponent's turn, when they attack with their monster, "Reverse Trap" can be activated during the Damage Step to increase instead of decreasing the ATK of "Steamroid". This technique works so long as the opponent's monster does not have 2300+ ATK.
    • "Reverse Trap" cannot be activated in the Damage Step as it does not directly affect ATK or DEF, it affects effects which affect ATK or DEF, thus must be activated before entering the Damage Step. The effect of "Steamroid" will then work in reverse.
  • "Steamroid" is one of few Level 4 monster that can defeat "Cyber Dragon" and stay on the field without additional requirements such as Counters, named cards, or coin flips.
  • Use "Forbidden Chalice" to negate its downside effect when attacked, and also give it a 400 ATK boost for the turn.
  • Have face-down on the field cards like "Rush Recklessly", "Ego Boost", and/or "Shrink" prepared prior to your opponent's attack. While they won't outright stop the effect from happening, they will boost the odds of "Steamroid" surviving with either quick power boosts or enemy ATK reduction.
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