• This card is useful to enable the summoning of Synchro or Xyz Monsters, or interrupting your opponent's attempts to do the same.
    • In general, if you notice that your opponent has 2 or more monsters of the same Level, use this to change 1 of their Levels; same for if your opponent has a Tuner with non-Tuners, though another Synchro Monster (not planned for by your opponent) may still be able to be Summoned.
    • This makes it a great card for a Side Deck.
  • Use this card to increase the Level of a Level 3 monster your opponent controls while "Gravity Bind" is active to stop its attack.
    • Use on your own monster to let it attack.
  • Use this card to increase the Level of an opponent's monster while "Burden of the Mighty" is active to decrease the target's ATK further.
    • Similarly, use this card to decrease the Level of your own monster if your opponent controls "Burden of the Mighty".
  • Use this with cards like "Cyber Dragon" to Summon a Rank 6 or 4 Xyz Monster easily. You can also increase the Level of another monster for a Rank 5 Xyz Monster.
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