• Equipping this card with "Thorn of Malice" will allow it to make good use of its secondary effect, whilst simultaneously boosting its ATK to take advantage of an opposing monster weakened by both this card's effect and also by the equipped spell card.
  • By equipping this monster to "Metalmorph", it's possible to overcome the ATK loss when it attacks again.
  • This monster is a perfect complement to a "Black Garden", ATK-crippling deck, as it will be Special Summoned at only 1100 ATK, allowing you to activate its second effect quickly, restoring its original ATK value at turn's end. Note: "Half Shut" can also be used to protect and restore this monster to its original ATK value at turn's end.
  • After this card has attacked once, activate its second effect, then activate "Rising Energy" before declaring a second attack. Your monster will now likely be stronger than during its first attack. Note: This will also allow you to fill your Graveyard with another Plant-type monster from your hand.
  • This card could possibly gain even more Attack Points using Raging Mad Plants if there are enough Plants in your Graveyard, but you should only use it if the two attacks are sufficient to win the duel, as Splendid Rose will be destroyed afterwards. Uses Dimensionhole to make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Use this card with "Cherry Inmato" and "Inmato" (both monsters are DARK attribute). Since these cards allows you to speed up your deck when "Cherry Inmato" is destroyed by battle, because you can summon either 2 copies of "Cherry Inmato", 2 copies of "Inmato" or one copy of each, you can use them for a synchro material or as a tribute the next turn "Cherry Inmato"'s effect was activated. Then you will have enough Plant-Type monsters in your graveyard to use "Splendid Rose" 's effect.

Traditional Format

  • You can use "Dimension Fusion" to Special Summon powerful Plant-type monsters which have been removed by this card.
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