• This card can be used to it's maximum potential in an "Amorphage" Deck, as not only can it search "Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord", it can still be used to search either "Odd-Eyes Advent" or "Earth Chant" - both of which can be used of "Amorphous Persona" instead in order to summon "Amorphactor Pain", despite the fact that "Amorphous Persona" is a Field Spell Card, not a Ritual Spell card. Also, "Amorphage" monsters have scales 3 and 5, meaning that they can only Pendulum Summon (any) Level 4 monsters anyway (while it benefits from Pendulum Summon, this card is not a Pendulum Monster itself, so it is not hindered by the monster effects of "Amorphage" monsters anyway). Finally, this card's 1st effect enables it to potentially remain on the field until the next turn, so that it can be used as Tribute for the cost of "Amorphage" monster(s) in your Pendulum Zone(s). Otherwise, it may instead be used as one of the tributes for "Amorphactor Pain" (only if "Earth Chant" is used, as both "Odd-Eyes Advent" and "Amorphous Persona" are restricted to using Pendulum Monster as Tribute fodder for the Ritual Summon).
  • If the above is chosen, it is necessary that "Amorphage Wrath" and, to a lesser extent, "Amorphage Goliath" or "Amorphage Sloth" are not currently in your Pendulum Zones.

Traditional Format

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