• Use this card on a "Hieratic" effect monster to activate its effect as well as summoning a banished monster. Even if your opponent negates the activation of this card, your monster has been Tributed, so its effect activates.
  • Use "Splendid Venus" to nullify the self-negation of using this card and guarantee its effect.
  • To be sure that this card will resolve, activate this card when your opponent has no cards in their hand so they cannot reveal a Trap Card.
  • An eximious combo with this card would be to Tribute a "Freed the Brave Wanderer" upon activating his effect to destroy an opponent's monster. Then, you could ressurect a strong LIGHT monster you removed, laying a two-in-one punch at your opponent.
  • You can use this card with "Eradicator Epidemic Virus" to ensure the effect resolves even if your opponent has cards in their hand.
  • Combine with "Divine Knight Ishzark". "Divine Knight Ishzark" is a Light monster which can be used to tribute for this card and he banishes monsters from play he destroys by battle, effectively giving you more targets for this card (and being able to activate during the Battle Phase to lead up to a lot of damage if planned correctly).
  • Use this card with the "A-to-Z" Archetype to reclaim any used Fusion Material.
  • Tribute a "Dawn Knight" to use the effect of this card, to potentially use the effects of both cards.
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