• Combine this card with "The Unhappy Girl" in a stall deck to prevent your opponent from being able to attack with any of their monsters.
  • Equip "Mist Body" to a card like "Solar Flare Dragon", and then activate this card to have a perfect way to not take life point damage, and inflict life point damage to your opponent.
  • For one turn protection, use this card with "Absolute End" while you have a monster on the field.
  • You can combo this with monster that are indestructible in battle while they are in Defense position, in case your opponent uses monsters with a Piercing effect.
  • Use this card with "Reptilianne Naga" and "Reptilianne Scylla" to attack with "Reptilianne Naga", receive no damage, and then attack with "Reptilianne Scylla" to take control of the monster, or use opponent monsters as a tribute to special summon "Reptilianne Vaskii"
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