• Summoning this card while you have "Jinzo" and "Destiny HERO - Plasma" will force your opponent to completely rely on attack and defense strength.
    • Including cards like two "Morphtronic Magnens" can make your opponent unable to do anything, although that is highly unlikely.
  • Use cards such as "Blast with Chain" because this card is quite weak by itself.
  • This card is perfect for a Traptrix deck since the deck relies heavily on trap cards instead of spell cards.
  • This card is a good Side Deck option if you're up against a Lightsworn, Prophecy or even Nekroz deck as all of them utilize more spell cards than trap cards, keep in mind though that this card also negates your spell cards as well.
    • Negating your own spell cards would be no problem if using a deck heavily armed with trap cards (such as a Counter Fairy Deck or a Traptrix deck).
  • This card works against Pendulum Decks like "Qliphorts".
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