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* This card can be searched by [[Dark Sage]], [[Ancient Gear Drill]], [[Alchemic Magician]], [[Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch]], [[Mythical Bestiamorph]], [[Cyberse Clock Dragon]]”, and [[Left Arm Offering]].
* This card can be [[searcher|searched]] by "[[Dark Sage]]", "[[Ancient Gear Drill]]", "[[Alchemic Magician]]", "[[Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch]]", "[[Mythical Bestiamorph]]", "[[Cyberse Clock Dragon]]" and "[[Left Arm Offering]]".
* Avoid using this card, as it’s completely outclassed by “[[Hinotama]]”, “[[Final Flame]]”, “[[Ookazi]]”, “[[Tremendous Fire]]”, “[[Meteor of Destruction]]”, “[[Poison of the Old Man]]”, etc.
* Use "[[Dark Room of Nightmare]]" and "[[Rapid-Fire Magician]]" for additional damage.

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