• Use this card in a Toon Deck to Summon a Level 5 or higher Class A Toon by Tributing your opponent's monster, since some Toon monsters cannot attack during the turn they are summoned.
  • Use this card in combination with "Super Conductor Tyranno" to inflict 1000 damage by Tributing your opponent's monster.
  • You can combo this card with "Enemy Controller" in order to use one of your opponent's monster as a Tribute in order to gain control of another one of their monsters, attack with it, then use it in other ways (Tribute for Tribute Summon or effect, or use as material).
  • You can use this card in combination with "Yubel" to fulfill its Tribute requirement by Tributing one of your opponent's monsters.

Traditional Format

  • Because the effect of "Substitoad" tributes a monster, you can use "Soul Exchange" to tribute an opponent's monster to special summon a "Frog" monster, giving you fodder for further defensive combos, such as special summoning a Dupe Frog to cause a "Frog Lock."
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