• If your opponent is using "Solidarity", "DNA Surgery" can change their monsters to a Type not in their Graveyard, costing their Monsters the ATK boost.
    • "DNA Surgery" can also change monsters on your side of the Field to the Type in your Graveyard (giving them the boost), but once they themselves get destroyed, the boost will be halted.
  • Decks involving Reptiles can add "Viper's Rebirth", which also requires all of a single type of Monster in one's Graveyard.
  • Tokens and Trap Monsters will not count as a monster in the Graveyard when they are destroyed.
  • Tuners, Synchro Monsters and Xyz Monsters can easily ruin this card's effect. Below are some options to counteract this.
    • "Plaguespreader Zombie" may be used in non-Zombie Decks because it can Special Summon and banish itself from the Graveyard when sent there.
    • Using "Soul Release" to banish monsters of different Types from your Graveyard so that you will only have one Type.
    • Monsters like "Chaos Sorcerer" can remove monsters in your Graveyard if they are LIGHT or DARK.
    • "Skull Lair" can banish any non-conductive Monsters from your Graveyard. Be sure not to banish all the monsters of the correct Type.

Traditional Format

  • This card can work well with "Sinister Serpent" in any Monster Type Deck since it can be brought to your hand during your Standby Phase. However, you'll need to play a little carefully because there will be an opening which your opponents can exploit while Sinister Serpent is in your graveyard (in a non-Reptile Deck).
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