• "Solar Flare Dragon" is a Pyro monster, but is unable to protect itself with its effect. By having two or more "Solar Flare Dragons" on the field, they can protect each other from attacks, and will inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent at each of your End Phases. With three of them, the damage will increase to 1500 per turn.
  • Make your "UFO Turtles" suicide into your opponent's Monsters to get "Solar Flare Dragons" out quickly.
  • Two of this card would work well with two "Elemental HERO Knospe" and a "Command Knight", because none of them could be targeted and you could inflict battle and effect damage with "Knospe" and "Solar Flare Dragon".
  • Use "Dark Room of Nightmare" while you have two or more "Solar Flare Dragons" on the field to deal extra damage.
  • Combine this card with "Charcoal Inpachi". If "Charcoal Inpachi" has a small DEF boost, the combo will be almost impossible to destroy by battle.
  • You can easily create another attack lock by having "Solar Flare Dragon" equipped with "Raregold Armor" and any Pyro monster.

Traditional Format

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