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{{Navigation|Other=[[Skull Servant (Bandai)|Bandai]]}}
{{Navigation|Other=[[Skull Servant (Bandai)|Bandai]]}}
* This card can be searched via "[[Sangan]]", "[[Last Will]]", "[[Witch of the Black Forest]]", "[[Mystic Tomato]]", "[[Pyramid Turtle]]" and "[[Goblin Zombie]]".
* This card can be searched by "[[Dogu]]", "[[Single Purchase]]", "[[Temple of the Kings]]", "[[Ties of the Brethren]]", "[[Dragunity Corsesca]]", "[[Painful Escape]]", "[[Ties of the Brethren]]", "[[Sangan]]", "[[Rescue Ferret]]", "[[Princess Cologne (card)|Princess Cologne]]", "[[Serpentine Princess]]", "[[Emissary of the Afterlife]]", "[[Treasure Panda]]", "[[Human-Wave Tactics]]", "[[The League of Uniform Nomenclature]]", "[[Draconnet]]", "[[Rescue Rabbit]]", "[[Unexpected Dai]]", "[[Painful Decision]]", "[[Painful Escape]]", "[[Mimiclay]]", "[[Vampire Dragon]]", "[[Chaos Zone]]", "[[Flamvell Poun]]", "[[Where Arf Thou?]]", "[[Wolf in Sheep's Clothing]]", "[[One for One]]", "[[Mystic Tomato]]", "[[Pyramid Turtle]]", "[[Goblin Zombie]]", "[[Samurai Skull]]", "[[Fusion Conscription]]", and "[[Fusion Reserve]]".
* You can also use "[[Foolish Burial]]" (or "[[Elemental Hero Prisma]]" if you have a copy of "[[Zombie Warrior]]" or "[[Flame Ghost]]") to send one of these to your [[Graveyard]] to power up "[[King of the Skull Servants]]".
==Traditional Format==
* This card can be searched by "[[Witch of the Black Forest]]" and "[[Last Will]]".
* Have 2 [[Skull Servant]]s and 3 [[The Lady in Wight|Ladies in Wight]] in the graveyard and 1 [[Skull Servant]] in the field. Play [[Triangle Power]], and equip the [[Skull Servant]] with [[Phalanx Pike]] and [[Opti-Camouflage Armor]].
** FYI, that's a direct attack of 6800 ATK!
* [[Crush Card Virus]] can be used with this card.

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Traditional FormatEdit

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