• You can also use the "Sheep Tokens" for card effects that require Tributes, such as "Magical Dimension", "Two-Pronged Attack", "Panther Warrior", etc.
    • Activate "Enemy Controller" and sacrifice a "Sheep Token" to take control of an opponent's monster and tribute it for a Tribute Summon, allowing you to pull out a big monster AND get rid of an opponent's monster.
    • "Scapegoat" works well with the effect of "Cannon Soldier", allowing for an easy means to inflict 2000 damage.
  • "Scapegoat" is a very flexible card, doubly so because it is a Quick-Play Spell Card. It is best set onto the field, and then activated during your opponent's turn, preferably the End Phase. That way, the card's restrictions (Cannot summon on the turn this card is activated ) will not apply. It is also a great way to bluff your opponent and make them waste cards like "Mystical Space Typhoon" and "Dust Tornado".
    • This card can also be used against an opponent's "Fissure" so that one of your "Sheep Tokens" would be destroyed rather one of your monsters (in most cases anyway).
    • If your opponent activates "Creature Swap", chain "Scapegoat" and give one "Sheep Token" to your opponent, in exchange for one of your opponent's monsters. You can do the same thing with "Mystic Box".
  • Chain "All-Out Attacks" to force your opponent to attack with the tokens, or at least change them to Attack Position if it's during your turn.
  • These Tokens increase the attack of "Elemental Hero Magma Neos", due to the rule of all tokens being considered Normal Monster Cards in every respect.
  • This works well with "Substitoad" in a "Frog Deck", since you can bring out up to four "Frog" monsters.
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