• This card can be retrieved from the Graveyard by "Z-ONE".
  • In a Mill Deck, use this card with "Robbin' Zombie" and "Gravekeeper's Servant". If your opponent plans on attacking, they must dispose of the card on top of their Deck, and if they take battle damage, they must send the card on top of their Deck to their Graveyard.
  • Combo this card with "Dragon's Rage" in a Dragon Deck to discourage them from placing their Monsters in Defense Mode.
  • Using this card with "Fire Princess" will deal 500 damage each time you attack.
  • Combo with "Burden of the Mighty" to turn the opponent's monsters weak enough when they are forced to attack. Activating multiple copies of it turns the tight even deadly to the opponent
  • Play this card when you have "Yubel" or "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" on the field, and your opponents monsters have to attack it, so they take a great deal of damage.
  • If you combine this card with "Final Attack Orders", you can further guarantee the reaping of benefits that the above tips yield.
  • This card is an ideal Field Spell for use with any of the "Earthbound Immortals" as if the "Earthbound Immortal" is the only monster you control (as it often is) your opponent will be unable to attack and all their attack position monsters will be destroyed. Combined with "Final Attack Orders", you can force their monsters into attack position.
  • Because this card requires the Battle Phase to take place, its effect can be used with "Helpoemer" to make your opponent lose cards from their hand.
  • Combo this card with "Scrubbed Raid". Upon forcefully ceasing the opponent's Battle Phase, you instantly forbid the opponent's monsters from attacking, hence all of them (the ones in Attack Position) shall be destroyed.
  • When used with a card that forces you opponent to put their monsters in attack position, you can gain a lot more life points if you use "Rainbow Life". If you don't want your monsters destroyed, you can use "Absolute End".
  • This can be useful for decks that have lots of monsters with high DEF, as monsters in Defense Mode are not considered to be able to attack. In such a deck, this works as a Continuous Battle Mania.
  • One way to prevent this card from destroy monsters is to keep the monsters in defense mode. Use Drillroid to take down this exploit.
  • This card is useful in trying to destroy Link Monster as they cannot be in defence position.
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