• This card's equipment effect can be used against Monsters in the Pendulum Zone, especially pesky ones like "Qliphort Scout", etc.
  • This card renders your opponent's Field Spells useless, unless they have Continuous or Continuous-like Effects. Against "Destiny Board" Decks, you can equip this card to your "Buster Blader" monsters, allowing them to attack without interference from "Dark Sanctuary".

Traditional Format

  • This card can render your opponent's "Royal Oppression" useless, allowing your Special Summons.
  • When your opponent activates "Mirage of Nightmare", equip this card to your "Buster Blader" monster with "Buster Dragon's" effect. When your Standby Phase is conducted, your opponent will not be able to draw with its effect.
  • While equipped, this card prevents your opponent from activating the effects of their "Chicken Game". On your turn, you can send this card to the Graveyard and use your opponent's Field Spell against them, re-equipping this with "Buster Dragon's" effect on your opponent's turn.
  • While equipped to a Monster, this card renders prevents "Performapal Monkeyboard" from using its Pendulum Effect.
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