• You can equip this card on monsters controlled by your opponent. Afterwards you can destroy the equipped monster in combat to take control of it.
  • You can equip this card on The Kick Man. After being destroyed in battle and special summoned due to Reborn Ribbon's effect, you use The Kick Man's effect to re-equip Ribbon of Rebirth to it.
  • You can also equip this card to Dark End Dragon or Light End Dragon after its too weak after using its effects, so that when they are destroyed, they can be summoned back for more usage of their effects.
  • Use with Equip Shot to force a battle between your equipped stronger monster and your opponent's weaker monster so at the end phase you take control of your opponent's destroyed monster. If done on your opponent's turn, you have an additional tribute fodder on your next turn. If used on your own turn, you get an additional attack.
  • Equip as Many copies of this card as possible to monsters your opponent controls and destroy them by Battle via monsters like "Berserk Dragon" that can attack all monster your opponent controls once each. This way, you will get the control of a great number of monster of your opponent .
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