• After Synchro Summoning "Shooting Riser Dragon", send a Level 6 Normal Dragon to the Graveyard to make "Shooting Riser" Level 1. On the opponent's turn, use this card to summon that Level 6 Dragon, and tune it with "Shooting Riser" to Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon".
    • If "Return of the Dragon Lords" is in the Graveyard when "Black Rose Dragon's" effect is used, banish it to protect any Dragons on the field.
  • This card can give you a constant supply of Tributes for your "Virus" cards.
  • During each of your turns, you can revive a Normal Monster and Tribute it for "Ectoplasmer" during the End Phase.
  • After reviving a Normal monster with this card's effect, use the effect of "Scrap Dragon" to destroy that monster and one of your opponent's cards. This will result in your opponent losing a card on each of your turns.
  • This card can set up an anti-attack lockdown. While you control "Scrubbed Raid", use this card's effect to revive a Normal monster from your Graveyard, and use "Scrubbed Raid" to end your opponent's Battle Phase. You can then revive another Normal monster on your turn, which you can send to the Graveyard on your opponent's next turn.
  • Using this card while you have "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" on the field will allow you to Special Summon two monsters each turn.

Traditional Format

  • This card can be used alongside "Card of Safe Return", to draw one card during both your and your opponent's turns.
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