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Traditional Format[]

  • Use this card in a "Dragon Ruler" deck to possibly swarm the field with the banished Dragons and perform quick Xyz Summons.
    • If some "Dragon Ruler" be banished at the End Phase, it may also be possible to trigger their effects and search for other Dragons.
  • This card can be very useful in a "A-to-Z" Deck, because the main monsters in this Deck will be banished anyway.
  • This card is perfect for an OTK, if you use it in the right time.
    • Any card that lets you quickly banish other monsters will make this an OTK once you have a clear shot, and you can use "Jinzo" and "Invader of Darkness" as insurance.
    • You can even use "Gold Sarcophagus" to banish one of those monsters easily if you have not drawn it and can even use "Dark Armed Dragon" to banish other DARK monsters as you clear your opponent's field to win the game.
      • If you have DARK monsters in your hand, simply use "Allure of Darkness" to improve your chances of getting this combo off.
    • You can even use "Toon Table of Contents" to get "Toon Cannon Soldier" and use it with "Allure of Darkness" and this card to do up to 2500 effect damage in a turn.
  • Use "Foolish Burial" and other card effects to send the following cards to the graveyard: "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Jinzo", "Spell Canceller" and two other monsters. Use "Soul Release" to banish them. While having "Torrential Tribute" set on the field, summon a monster and activate it to destroy all monsters on the field. Activate this card and summon the banished monsters to the field. Since "Jinzo" cancels all Trap Cards and "Spell Canceller" all Spell Cards, your opponent cannot protect themselves.
  • After you paid half of your Life Points, use this card with "Soul Absorption" to recover the Life Points you paid, if you failed to finish your opponent off.
  • You can use this with "Dragon's Mirror" or "Overload Fusion" or any other card that lets you banish monsters in your graveyard to fuse a monster to do more OTK's. Overload Fusion" can let you use this card with "Jinzo" for some protection.
    1. Afterwards, set this card and "DNA Surgery". Allow your opponent to keep whatever monsters they have on their side of the field, so long as they can't directly attack.
    2. Activate this card to summon "Cyber Dragon" (or a substitute, such as "Proto-Cyber Dragon" or "Cyber Dragon Zwei") and four other monsters.
    3. Activate "DNA Surgery" to turn all of the monsters on the field into Machine, and fuse all monsters on the field except for "Chimeratech Overdragon" to summon "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon".
  • Use this card if you have a "Necroface" banished to activate its effect again.
  • You can have an easy win when you use "Inferno Tempest" with this card by banishing all your opponent's monsters from their Deck and your Deck, make sure you have both in your hand before using "Inferno Tempest". After you banish all monsters due to "Inferno Tempest" use this card for an OTK.
  • Use "Sauropod Brachion" to put your monsters face down so that they are not banished at the end of the turn.
  • Use "Gift of the Martyr" for a massive power boost and to return that powerful monster back into your Graveyard.
  • Bring back the monsters you banished with the effect of "Naturia Barkion" and swarm the field with powerful monsters. "Naturia Barkion"'s would also protect these monsters from Trap Cards with it's effect.
  • This card can be used with "Cyber Valley" very well, assuming other monsters are banished.
    1. Activate this card to bring your monsters to the field and attack normally.
    2. If the game's not over, activate the 2nd effect of "Cyber Valley" to darw some cards.
  • This card has a lot of potential in a Zombie deck running "Kasha" and will allow you to summon a powerful beatstick and re-add useful cards like "Mezuki" and "Plaguespreader Zombie" to your deck.
    1. You can use monsters like "Shutendoji" to banish monsters for draws, and use "Plaguespreader Zombie" and "Mezuki"'s effects and have them banished.
    2. Once you have banished at least two monsters and have two or less monsters already on the field, activate this card and Special Summon the monsters you want.
    3. As long as you have at least two monsters on the field, and no more than four, you can Special Summon "Kasha", sending the Special Summoned monsters back to the deck and out of the reach of this card's second effect.
    4. You will also have cleared the opponent's field of monsters and summoned a monster with up to 4000 ATK.
  • Use this card in a Generation Fish deck to Special Summon your banished monsters.
  • You can use this card with "Chaos Zone" to gain a large amount of counters in a short time.