• When your opponent attacks your "Reflect Bounder", you can activate a card like "Limiter Removal" or "Honest" to deal extra damage and possibly destroy your opponent's monster as well.
  • When your opponent threatens to destroy one of your monsters by battle and you've got 1 "Reflect Bounder", use "Staunch Defender" to force at least one monster to attack and suffer the damage they should by attacking you.
  • You can use this card in a "Meklord" Deck to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor" monsters with ease when this card destroys itself.
  • Use "Forbidden Dress" so this card can survive its own effect if its going to be done in from an attack from a weaker monster.
  • Combine "Forbidden Dress" with "Staunch Defender". "Forbidden Dress" keeps "Reflect Bounder" from destroying itself, and "Staunch Defender" forces the opponent to attack only Reflect Bounder.
  • If your opponent tries to get rid of "Reflect Bounder" by attacking it with a weaker monster, then you could use "Forbidden Chalice" on "Reflect Bounder". But beware if your opponent has another monster with more than 2100 ATK.
  • You can trick your opponent into attacking it with monsters that have high ATK. Play "Final Attack Orders", and then Set this card in face-down position. Because of the effect from "Final Attack Orders", it will flip face-up in Attack Position, thus giving the requirements for activating its effect.

Against this card

  • You can easily destroy "Reflect Bounder" by attacking it with "Fortress Warrior". You will only take 600 effect damage, no battle damage because of the effect from "Fortress Warrior" and "Fortress Warrior" will not be destroyed because of its second effect.
  • "Yubel" easily counters this card, since it has 0 ATK and its effect prevents it from being destroyed by battle, preventing you from suffering the effect of "Reflect Bounder".
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