• This monster's first ability (the one Zombie required to Tribute Summon) works great with "Goblin Zombie" because you can use it to search for a Zombie-Type monster with 1200 DEF due to "Goblin Zombie's" effect.
  • The fact you only need 1 Tribute (Zombie-Type at least) to summon this level 7 monster makes it a powerful monster to combine with "Overwhelm".
  • Combo this card with "Creature Swap" and "Pyramid Turtle" or "Goblin Zombie". Assuming this card's attack isn't negated or prevented, you'll get your opponent's monster (if it's too strong for this card), a search from the monster you just destroyed, and the return of the monster you gave to your opponent.
  • This card works brilliantly with "Zombie World," which will turn all of your opponent's monsters into Zombies for this card to destroy.
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