• This monster's effect is unique in that its usefulness can depend on the number of cards one chooses to put in their Extra Deck, yet it is most useful in a Deck that makes use of multiple Synchro Summons. There are several ways to abuse this card's effect, detailed below:
    • One could use a small Extra Deck to begin with. With the introduction of Xyz Monsters it has become increasingly common for players to use a fully stocked (15 cards exactly) Extra Deck, no matter what strategy they use. Using 5-10 Synchro Monsters will increase the odds of this monster's effect being relevant. Fortunately, this monster's effect will become easier to use with each Extra Deck monster you Summon, but more difficult to use with each monster your opponent Summons from their Extra Deck.
    • "Naturia Beast" and "Naturia Barkion" can both be easily Synchro Summoned by Normal Summoning any Level 4 EARTH monster, then activating "Emergency Teleport" to Summon this card from your Deck. "Naturia Barkion" can be Summoned by using this card's effect, as long as the requirements are met, by tuning it with the "Naturia Beast" Summoned with this card and the Level 4 EARTH monster.
    • This monster is a potentially useful Extra Deck choice for Synchro Decks against the new Pendulum Monsters. Since Pendulum Monsters are sent on top of the Extra Deck when destroyed, it's possible for the opponent to have an Extra Deck with over 15 cards. Even a full Extra Deck would be able to make use of this card with enough Pendulum Monsters sitting atop the Extra Deck.
  • This monster's effect requires an an enormous payment to resurrect itself, which can be useful even outside the context of Synchro Summoning. In "Reversal Quiz" or other Decks which make use of paying Life Points, this monster can be useful as a sort of "LP Sink" in combination with a low or even an empty Extra Deck.

Traditional Format

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