• The finer details of "Ignoring its Summoning conditions" dictate you cannot Special Summon a Special Summon-only monster monster from your Graveyard if you haven't properly Summoned it the first time, so it's a lot more efficient to use this card to Summon the Ultimate Crystal monster from your Deck.
    • Cards like "Reload", "Magical Mallet", or "The Humble Sentry" can place "Rainbow Dragon" or "Rainbow Dark Dragon" back in your Deck, as this card cannot Summon from your hand.
    • This card can revive a Fusion Summoned "Rainbow Overdragon", after you've Tributed it to activate its field-shuffling effect. If you Summoned "Rainbow Overdragon" by Tributing an Ultimate Crystal monster, you can also revive that "Rainbow Overdragon" from the Graveyard later, using Rainbow Gravity.
  • If you have the cards necessary for "Rainbow Neos", but are missing "Rainbow Dragon" or "Rainbow Dark Dragon", this is an alternate way to get it to the field for a Fusion Summon.
  • "Future Fusion" (after revealing "Rainbow Overdragon") or "Ultimate Crystal Magic" will dump your "Crystal Beasts" into your Graveyard and enable you to either Summon "Rainbow Dragon" normally from your hand or use this Trap to get it quickly from your Deck. Just be cautious that both cards need to meet a certain requirement before they can fully activate.
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