• "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" can be chained to the second effect of "Rainbow Dragon", allowing it to return on the End Phase unharmed.
    • "Rainbow Refraction" can also be used to Special Summon as many "Crystal Beasts" as you want if you did not banish them all for this card's second effect, likely resulting in an OTK the turn since "Rainbow Dragon" will return to the field as well.
  • By using Pendulum Summoning multiple copies of "Crystal Master" each turn along side any "Crystal Beasts" in your hand at the time and tributing them to search missing "Crystal Beasts" or "Rainbow Dragon", it is possible to Summon "Rainbow Dragon" much easier and earlier in a duel now than ever before.
    • If you Pendulum Summon a "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" as well, you will be able to search for two "Crystal Beasts" in the same turn if you did not Pendulum Summon five monsters.

Traditional Format

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